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Training & Support

On-Site Training

Our team of Landtech™️ experts have a combined 50+ years experience working with Landtech™️.  Our Landtech training covers the "how-to's" in using Landtech™️ for Closing Disclosure, ALTA Settlement Statement and HUD generation, commitment, policy and closing document generation, check writing, etc.

Training can be customized to basic or advanced depending on the user's level of experience. Basic training can include how to read closing instructions, where basic closing data originates and more. A higher level of training can include workflow analysis, internal controls, escrow reconciliation, report generation, etc. Even if you have never closed a loan, our trainers will get you started. On-site training is scheduled for one or more dates depending on the client's needs and level of expertise.

On-Site Training Costs

The cost for the first day is $1,200 and $1,000 for each additional, subsequent day. Travel expenses for the trainer are not included and will be billed at actual cost.

Web Based One-on-One Training

Web based one-on-one training focuses on individual tasks such as basic data input, commitment and policy generation, check writing, escrow reconciliation, etc. as requested by the client. The training sessions are not "canned presentations", but are fully customized based on the client's needs and level of expertise. Web based one-on-one training sessions usually last from one to three hours depending on the area of interest selected by the client and the client's level of expertise. This training can be directed to a single individual up to several people and even in different locations.

Web Based One-on-One Training Costs

The cost is $150 per hour, or portion thereof, for each location included in the session.

Industry Educational Services

Generes & Associates, Inc. routinely produces live regional seminars and related WEBinars covering important industry topics. For example, in 2015, Landtech™️ Support Systems sponsored and produced the 7 hour TILA/RESPA INTEGRATED DISCLOSURE PREPARATION SEMINAR, conducted in 14 cities around the country. This series was followed by a series of 15 2-hour WEBinars on the preparation of the new cfpb Closing Disclosure. A similar series of seminars and WEBinars was conducted in preparation for the 2010 RESPA Reform rule. Other seminar and WEBinar topics include electronic filing for 1099s forms and Best Practices preparation.

No matter the venue or the content, participants are encouraged to call or email our staff with questions and issues raised in their individual experiences.

Web Based Seminars

Webinars are our most cost-effective training option. WEBinars let you join other Landtech™️ users from across the country in these convenient and informative training sessions. Our web seminars are scheduled frequently and cover a wide range of topics designed to maximize your use of Landtech.

Web seminars are approximately 60 - 120 minutes in duration and are scheduled ar various times. Click here to search for a list of upcoming dates and times.

Annually in February, Generes & Associates produces multiple WEBinars on 1099-S generation and electronic filing with Internal Revenue Service as well as Best Practices for accumulating the required information over the year.

See our Calendar for web-based seminars and training including the current 2020 1099s WEBinar series.

Web Based Seminar Costs

Attendance at WEBinars is priced at $49 to $150, depending on the content discussed.

Regional Live Seminars

See our Calendar for local seminars and training.

Contact us to request more information about Landtech™️ Support Systems training and seminars.