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About Landtech™️ Real Estate Systems

The world's first fully integrated title, closing and escrow software; in use since 1979! Landtech™️ Real Estate Settlement System is the only fully integrated system which includes all of the functionality needed to conduct a successful real estate title, closing and escrow operation. 

The basic Landtech™️ system includes ALL of the following!

  • Fully TRID compliant
  • Complies with ALTA Best Practices requirements
  • Always balances - no need for "Out-of-Balance Wizard"
  • Graphical cfpb Closing Disclosure forms as well as GFE-HUD and non-GFE-HUD
  • Complete ALTA Settlement Statements (with state required title premium calculations!)
  • Fully automated buyer / seller closing statements and balance statements
  • Fully automatic calculations and prorations
  • Title insurance premiums and endorsement calculations
  • Fully integrated check writing
  • Complete trust accounting
    • Complete "3-way" reconciliation system
    • Digital check clearing - included!!
    • Digital deposit clearing - included!!
    • Positive pay - included!!
  • Complete, fully integrated document production system
  • Complete indexing and cross-referencing of ALL files
  • Full business / activity reporting suite
  • Electronic title insurance premium reporting
  • Complete file tracking system
  • Complete 1099S reporting
  • Complete closing calendar / scheduler system
  • Complete amortization system

At NO EXTRA COST TO YOU, Landtech™️ also includes:

  • Generates PDF, TIFF and XML files for email and archive
  • Supports digital signatures - encryption / decryption
  • Seamlessly integrates with MS Word or WordPerfect for document preparation
  • Seamless API integration with all major title underwriter platforms, loan production systems, transaction management systems and more! See current listing here.
  • Fully supports XML connectivity

Landtech™️ is completely scalable; from a single, stand-alone computer to a wide area network covering multiple offices!

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