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About Gulf South Document Imaging

Gulf South (GSDI) can transform your files, boxes, and drawers of closing files into easy-to-use CD's which can be loaded onto your network for sharing. Up to 200 files per CD; and unlimited files (except by the size of your drive) on your network hard drive!

Benefits of scanning your files:

  • Go paperless!
  • Efficient and safe archival of records - include your digitized closing files with your regular data backup and they will be as safe from fire, flood or other disasters as your other business data.
  • Save on storage costs and space - every year you spend more on storage space, especially if you store your files in your office. Once you start digitizing your files, that storage cost will start to go down.
  • Effortless distribution, transmit via email and fax - send pages or entire files via email or fax right from your desktop.
  • Increased productivity - your closing files are immediately accessible from any computer on the network. No more need to search for the file or go to the "storage" building to get a needed file.

We offer completely turn-key service. The average closing file is estimated to contain 150 pages, including the lender's package. The cost per file for pick up, scanning, indexing, delivery of the CD and loading of the files to your server and destruction of the paper file is as little as $18!

Cost of scanning your files? How about FREE?

Put your files scanning charge on the Closing Disclosure or HUD! Charge the cost of our services on the HUD and its Free to you! File archiving is a cost just like courier fees and you should be reimbursed!

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