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About Retrocopia Remote File Backup

Retrocopia is a safe, reliable and effortless back-up system. It is a fully automatic, internet based back-up system. Retrocopia software is loaded onto your system via email or website. After loading the software, you decide which folders and files are included in your backup and you decide on your backup schedule. Once set up, you can forget it! Your computer or server will automatically contact the backup server in one of our two locations and send the appointed files for backup. A complete log is maintained on your system.

Free unlimited restores
Lose your data? Need it back now and fast? Whether you need all of your data or just a file, restores are handled on-line from your site - fast and simple!

Two offsite locations
Retrocopia provides two physical locations, in separate regions of the country, to ensure the redundancy and safety of your data.

User defined alerts
You have the ability to set limits on how much storage can be used, as well as setting alerts that help you manage your account.

Service plan and fees
After a one-time set-up fee of $50.00, monthly fees start at just $25.00.

Payment methods
You can pay by credit card (automatic monthly billing with emailed invoice) or receive a regular monthly invoice.

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