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Underwriter Services

Alliant National Title Insurance Company Software IntegrationAlliant National Title Insurance Company

Alliant National offers their agents the ability to order and update closing protection letters (CPLs) electronically. Landtech™️ has enhanced this process with a seamless integration that allows users to order these letters without leaving the file, thus making the process more efficient with bilateral dataflow.

Fidelity National Title Insurance Company Software IntegrationFidelity National Title Insurance Company

Fidelity’s state of the art agentTRAX allows users to generate and update closing protection letters (CPLs) and policy jackets. Landtech™️ now provides a seamless integration that enables the user to generate both of these products without leaving our platform. This eliminates dual entry across multiple systems.

First American Title Insurance Company Software IntegrationFirst American Title Insurance Company

First American agents are familiar with the AgentNet system to generate policy jackets and closing protection letters (CPLs). In addition, they have the ability to search back title (where available). Landtech™️ engineers have built a seamless integration that allows the user to generate and access all three of these features. It eliminates the need for dual entry and reduces time accessing each system.

North American Title Insurance Company Software IntegrationNorth American Title Insurance Company

NATIC allows their agents to order and update closing protection letters (CPLs) electronically through a system known as LetterLink Validation. Landtech™️ and NATIC have created an integration that offers Landtech™️ users the ability to generate these products directly from the closing file increasing productivity and reducing keystrokes.

Old Republic National Title Insurance Company EzJacket Software IntegrationOld Republic National Title Insurance Company

This integration with Old Republic Title’s EzJacket product allows users to generate and update Old Republic Title electronic policy jackets and closing protection letters (CPLs) directly from Landtech™️. This not only saves agents time but also reduces the potential for re-keying errors.

The Security Title Guarantee Corporation of Baltimore Software IntegrationSecurity Title Guarantee Corporation of Baltimore

STGB eSecurityConnect is the next generation application offered to its agents. It allows them to create closing protection letters (CPLs) and generate policy jackets. We have reduced the need to work across both systems, by offering this latest integration. Keystrokes and dual entry are a thing of the past.

Westcor Land Title Insurance Software IntegrationWestcor Land Title Insurance

Westcor Land Title Insurance Company’s integration with Landtech™️ allows users the ability to order closing protection letters and policy jackets directly from the file. The unnecessary steps of re-keying information is achieved with our technology.

WFG National Title Company Software IntegrationWFG National Title Company

WFG boasts a system known as WFGAGENT that provides their agents a channel to order and generate closing protection letters (CPLs) and policy jackets. Landtech’s™️ integration with WFG provides seamless access to the system and eliminates the extra key strokes.

eRecording Services

Electronic Partners Network (EPN) eRecording Software IntegrationElectronic Partners Network (EPN) eRecording Services

Landtech™️ users can now send eRecording information to the ePN service through a bilateral integration. ePN has built a network of hundreds of counties located across the country to receive electronic recordings. With a business strategy based on technology leadership, competitive pricing and outstanding customer support, it's no wonder why ePN has quickly become the vendor of choice for a a growing number of title companies, banks, law offices, and other submitters.

Simplifile eRecording and Post-Closing Services Software IntegrationSimplifile eRecording and Post-Closing Services

Over the last decade, Simplifile has been the leader in the e-recording world. Having securely e-recorded millions of land records and documents to date, Simplifile is available in over 1400 counties with more to come. Now Landtech™️ and Simplifile have collaborated to make the process even more efficient. Our integration gives the user a variety of tools that truly makes the e-recording process evolutionary.

Accounting Services

Quickbooks Small Business Accounting Software Software IntegrationQuickbooks Small Business Accounting Software

Seamless merge of Landtech™️ closing file data into QuickBooks.

Rynoh Live Escrow Reconciliation Software IntegrationRynoh Live Escrow Reconciliation

Currently optimized for the real estate settlement industry, RynohLive ensures the integrity of financial transactions in any business setting. RynohLive has identified and prevented escrow theft, wire and ACH fraud, stopped employee embezzlements, eliminated check fraud and disbursing errors and has saved our clients millions of dollars. National and regional title insurance underwriters, representing more than 90% of the market share, have tested, evaluated, endorsed and mandated the use of RynohLive to mitigate losses caused by agent escrow theft or the mishandling of settlement funds. For lenders, RynohLive will validate the integrity of the transaction from origination to closing settlements.

Lien Release Tracking Services

Require Release and Title Tracking Software IntegrationRequire Release and Title Tracking

Landtech™️ integrates with Require to offer an efficient, cost-effective alternative to the old laborious, inefficient, costly, and stressful practice of lien release management.

Lender Portals

eLynx Lender Portal Software IntegrationeLynx Lender Portal

Landtech™️ users can now save significant time and effort by directly accessing eLynx’s Electronic Closing Network (eCN) from their desktops, eliminating the need to sign into the system separately. They can also receive lender fee data and send back settlement agent fees to the lender from within Landtech’s™️ production solutions, further streamlining the process.

Transaction Management / Marketing

ClosingSite Real Estate Settlement SolutionsClosingSite Real Estate Settlement Solutions

ClosingSite is a transaction management system and turnkey web solution designed specifically for title companies. Create your customized web presence and publish your transaction data straight from Landtech™️ to the web.

GreenFolders for Title and EscrowGreenFolders for Title and Escrow

Fully Integrated with Landtech™️, The GreenFolders for Title and Escrow template was designed for title people by title people. Every activity that a title office conducts on a paper file can be completed in GreenFolders—only faster and without getting out of a chair. From the initial creation of the file to the final clearing and policy production, GreenFolders can handle every task without ever producing a sheet of paper.

NextDeal Digital DocsNextDeal Digital Docs

The Landtech™️ NextDeal Integration with their Digital Docs platform seamlessly allows breakthrough technology created specifically for closing agents operating in the real estate title industry to increase market share, increase repeat business and decrease operating expenses.

Lien and Title Search

PropLogix Lien Search and Association EstoppelPropLogix Lien Search and Association Estoppel

Landtech™️ has integrated with PropLogix, the provider of Municipal Lien Searches and Association Estoppels. This integration allows Landtech™️ users to order products through PropLogix without ever having to leave the software. According to Tim Healy, PropLogix CEO, "Landtech™️ shares our tradition of innovation through technology and exceeding customer’s expectations. This integration is something we’re very proud to bring our mutual customers."

TitleWave Real Estate SolutionsTitleWave Real Estate Solutions

The Landtech™️ XML integration with TitleWave® is a product that helps agents provide superior service. TitleWave® gives agents the ability to order, track and receive title search products, create commitments and policies online, transfer data into Landtech™️, monitor order progress, and it is available 24/7 via the Internet.