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Meet the Landtech™️ Systems team

Edwin G. Generes - President

Ed, who is a 1971 graduate of the Louisiana State University in New Orleans with a B.S. degree in Accounting, founded Landtech™️ Support Systems in 1993 and has been the driving force behind the Company since that time.

Ed is a former practicing CPA in Louisiana and, prior to forming LSS, was for 16 years responsible for maintaining the custody, control, licensing and accounting for massive amounts of confidential information owned by some of the largest corporations in America.

Ashley H. Martinez - V.P. Finance & Escrow Accounting Manager

Ashley holds a B.S. degree in Finance from Auburn University and joined First Trust Accounting Services in 2006.

Ashley is currently manager of escrow accounting.

Eric G. Generes - V.P. Operations

Eric received a B.A. degree in 1996 from Florida State University and has been with LSS since 2003.

Eric is responsible for installation, training and local support for the Landtech™️ Real Estate Settlement System.

Rae Comeaux - File Scanning Manager

Rae is manager of Gulf South Document Imaging, LLC, our document scanning and indexing company.

Prior to joining Landtech™️ in 2013, Rae worked for several years in the mortgage lending industry as a compliance manager.


Teresa joined Generes & Associates in 2018 as an escrow accountant for First Trust Accounting Services, our escrow account reconciliation and consulting company.

Prior to joining us, Teresa worked in various general and tax accounting positions for several years.


Matt received his BS degree in Marketing from Georgia State University in 2006 and joined Generes & Associates in 2019 working in business development.

Prior to joining Generes & Associates, Matt worked in sales, marketing and business development roles promoting various high-tech products for companies located primarily in the Atlanta, Georgia area.


Prior to joining Generes & Associates in 2019, Kim worked in various customer support roles including over 12 years in the escrow industry as a processor, escrow assistant and escrow officer, primarily in California.